Are you tired of settling and ready to run right through the door into your new life?



  • add more JOY to your life?
  • no longer live a checklist life?
  • realize that claiming to be "stuck" is an excuse and an illusion? 
  • recognize that life happens FOR you and not TO you?
  • rid yourself, once and for all, of icky habits and beliefs that hold you back?
  • get off of the hamster wheel and into the life you have been craving?
  • say ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY when opportunities present themselves?
  • be a woman of action?
  • no longer listen to your inner chatter that only has negative things to say?
  • shake the guilt of wanting more?
  • stop saying 'yes' when you mean 'no'?
  • own the fact that you are worthy of ALL your desires?
  • experience the joy that is waiting to bust out of you?
  • see your life from a new and fresh perspective?
  • be that person people want to be?

A life where YOU ARE ENOUGH. How wonderful!

IS COACHING for you?

Coaching is all about focusing on future possibilities, looking at your present moment, seeing where you want to go and help you get there!  Although we will discuss your past and use it to find clues on how to help you move forward, we are not taking time to dissect it and 'fix' it.  Nope...we are going to unlock your potential right here and now!  You are already aware of the things going on around you, but we are going to make you more self-aware by helping you take notice of what you are actually experiencing.   

Coaching is for you if...

  • you are ready to see past the wall of stuckedness that you are hiding behind.
  • you are ready to shake off what has been holding you back so you can dance into your new life.
  • you are ready to take action to get what you want and be where you want to be.
  • you need inspiration and encouragement to claim the life you want.


Why choose this plucky redhead?

I get what it feels like to be STUCK and feel the only option is to SETTLE.

I have spent 40 years searching for what I want to be when I grow up!

I didn't realize I was FULL OF FEAR.

For years, I allowed the safe life I had created for myself keep me in the same I didn't want to be in!

I always assumed I was a woman who was 'dreamless' and instead flirted with wishful thinking and daydreaming, without even realizing that labeling them as wishes and dreams were my way of making them unattainable to me.  My fear kept telling me I WASN'T WORTHY OF MY DESIRES, so they weren't real dreams.  

From the outside, my life always looked wonderful and hunky dory! I had a job that I was good at, a beautiful home and I traveled whenever the opportunity arose. I was a serial-hobbiest who was multi-talented.  Being single allowed me the freedom to do anything and be anywhere I wanted!  However,

I always struggled to find where I truly belonged.  

A place where my talents were being used to their full extent and where I could have a wide impact and make a big difference.  Like, I said, I have been searching for what I want to be when I grow up for as long as I can remember.  You name it - I have tried and explored it!

  • Registered Massage Therapist (yup, took two years off from my day job to become registered!)
  • Trapeze Artist (you read that right, and WITHOUT the greatest of ease!)
  • Hells Angel... well, I got my motorcycle licence.
  • High School Principal... became qualified and that is where that ended!
  • Cake Designer... if you need a fancy three-tiered beast of a cake, I am your girl!
  • Costume Designer... Halloween is my jam.
  • Movie Extra ... I actually breathed the same air as Kevin Bacon, Sean Hayes, and Meg Ryan!
  • All around serial-hobbyist (turns out you can't make much of a living with a set of knitting needles or mad cross-stitch skills!)

My life began to have a distinct cycle to it. I could tell what time of year it was by my motivation and energy.  September and June were always positive months, yet January...well, she was a real killer for me.  This was when I would hit my wall of...


I didn't feel like I was effective enough. I didn't feel like my abilities were being used.

I just wanted to feel like my life had a purpose.  

Then the reality check came...


I was sitting in my car in front of my home, talking with my amazing psychotherapist brother. I was in tears, desperate to believe there was more to life. Then he asked, "I need to ask you, ARE YOU SUICIDAL?" This hit me like an anvil on Wylie Coyote.  Me? Suicidal?  Is THAT how I am sounding?  I couldn't believe I would get myself to a point where someone would need to ask that.  It is a question I have asked students in the past and I know the signs that trigger the question.  That was it.  Something had to change.  I assured him that I was safe and then I did what I should have done years earlier. I found myself an amazing tushie-kicking therapist!  She was kind, to the point and guided me through my "crazy."  

I lost count the number of times I told her I was stuck...and not a little, A LOT - like the worst jar of pickles stuck.  I proudly claimed it as the reason for my existence (you know, trying to make her job easier... I'm good that way!).  Being helplessly stuck was my claim to fame and the only thing I was sure of. That was until she looked me square in the eyes and said four words that shattered my world,

"You are not stuck".

I wanted to scream, "What??!! How can that be?  It is WHO I am!  It is the only true purpose I know and my reason for being in the same spot for this long!"  I felt exposed, like a towel had been ripped away and everyone could see every dimple on my body.  To say I was shocked to my core is to put it lightly. I had nothing left.

When I came out of my stupor I realized I had been missing a VERY key component to getting what I wanted in life - action.  It seemed so simple.  Yet,

my actions were not aligned with what I said I wanted out of life.  

I wanted something new and different, yet I repeated my routines. Yes, I tried new things, but always in the zone of safety.  My actions needed to be different if I wanted something different.  The bigger realization was that I had spent my entire life looking OUTSIDE of myself for love, approval and appreciation, when all along I had to be the one to do this in order for it to be of any worth.  How crazy is that?  I couldn't see my own self-worth, so how could others?  Every rejection in life confirmed my belief that I was undeserving of more. But a belief is only something we KEEP thinking and I was tired of always choosing the negative to focus on.  If a belief is only something I keep thinking, why not change what I keep thinking?  Easy enough.  In theory, yes, but in reality, I had been thinking the same way for 40 years. This train needed time, and lots 'o patience to change its direction.  But I came to realize I was worth taking the time to switch directions... after all,


Accepting that gave me permission to take me as I was and gave me the confidence to take action.

That was it, end of story... I AM ENOUGH.  And so are you my dear. And until we accept that we are enough, we will stay exactly where we are.  

Coaching Options...

Single Sessions

This is a single one-on-one coaching session that includes: 

  • 20 minute Complementary Discovery Call to discuss your needs
  • 1 hour Customized One-on-One Coaching Session
  • Inspiration, tools, encouragement, tough love & the opportunity to gain support in taking action towards the life you have been longing for!
  • The opportunity to continue with single coaching sessions  


  • Get out of the whirlwind of worry and gain clear perspective
  • Be energized, motivated and confident in your next best action steps to take towards your desires!


This is a 4 week program is an opportunity to hone in on ONE big thing that you want to change, overcome or let go of in order to move forward.  When we try to change too many things at once, we often just give up and choose to settle where we are because it is just too overwhelming and mind-boggling.  Here we stop the wild multitasking and target one thing that will move you forward. 


  • 20 minute Complimentary Discovery Call to establish your focus for this adventure!
  • Three 1-hour Coaching Sessions over the 4 weeks. 
  • Full email support the entire 4 weeks when you need extra thinking space & encouragement.
  • Inspiration, tools, encouragement, tough love & the opportunity to gain support in taking action towards the life you have been itching for!



  • From taking action you gain confidence, motivation, joy and clarity for your future
  • By focusing in on one area to improve, you naturally effect other areas of your life positively as well! Love the domino effect!
  • Gain momentum and inspiration to continue making choices towards your dreams

one-on-one program!

This one-on-one coaching program is designed to help you truly let go and catapult forward towards that life you desire!


  • 30 minute Complementary Discovery Call to discuss your needs
  • Twelve 50 minute coaching sessions over 90 days!
  • Inspiration, tools, encouragement, tough love & the opportunity to gain support in taking action towards the life you have been dreaming of!
  • Topics are not limited to what is outlined.  This is YOUR journey, so we will make it all about YOU!


MONTH 1 - Getting Out of the Goo!

  • How you Got to Where you are
  • What Are my Desires & Dreams?
  • The Power of Your Thoughts
  • Love, Approval & Appreciation

MONTH 2 - The Pesky Little Thing Called Fear!

  • Excuses & Always Waiting
  • Should-ing All Over!
  • The Inner Evil Queen 
  • The Power of thoughts

MONTH 3 - I Am Enough!

  • Discovering your Why
  • Drop the Rope
  • Enough IS Enough
  • Your New Story


  • Become a person of action, by becoming clear on what gets in your way, and boldly go where you have only dreamed of going!
  • Feel confident, motivated, and drop the tug of war between your head and your heart.
  • Gain the confidence and clarity you need to make decisions that excite you!
  • Discover the power in finding all the approval you need within yourself.
  • Say good-bye to complacency and hello fancy BIG life!
  • Finally truly believe that you are ENOUGH!!


This is called investment because that is EXACTLY what you are doing...investing in YOU, your happiness and the life you know you have been craving.










... installment options are available


YOU are worth it & ENOUGH

“Lori Rae’s infectious enthusiasm and genuine caring make her a natural coach. This amazing lady excels at asking you the questions you need to consider, in order to explore your own answer to life’s challenges. Her transformation learning process combine with her unwavering support creating an atmosphere which presents the opportunity for personal growth. Increase your understanding of self, while Lori Rae assists you to journey towards newfound confidence, direction and improved relationship satisfaction.”
— Meagan Hazlewood - Business Coach

“Lori Rae is like a ray of sunshine, embracing the world in her energy and warmth. A natural-born teacher, with an undeniable passion for encouraging others to blossom, Lori Rae makes you feel at ease and supported. Her non-judgemental and attentive approach, coupled with her easy going personality and fun sense of humor, makes it impossible not to leave a session with Lori Rae feeling on top of the world.”
— Camilla Carboni - Success Coach & Best Selling Author
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