Why YES, Lori Rae does do public speaking!

Lori Rae speaking at The Ritz, London England.

Lori Rae speaking at The Ritz, London England.

Lori Rae has been speaking to groups of teenagers, parents, and members of the education community for over 19 years on various topics including; anxiety, fear, life goals and self-confidence.   Her audiences also extend to women's groups, entrepreneurs, and any event needing inspiration, joy and motivation.  Her energy on stage is infectious and her message will always leave you challenged.

She is especially passionate about helping women give themselves permission to get out of their own way, to transform their wishful thinking into attainable dreams and connect with their joy within. 

What better way to achieve all of this than at your next function?! 


Speaking Topics Include...

  • JOY!
  • Settling vs. Challenging
  • Getting Out of the Goo
  • Contentment as an Epidemic 
  • Fear
  • Importance of Action
  • Being  Journey Person
  • Love, Approval and Appreciation
  • What Keeps You Where You Are
  • Excuses!
  • Inner Evil Queen
  • Getting Out of Your Own Way
  • Do it with JOY!
  • The Mind Heart Struggle
  • Let the Other Shoe Drop
  • Stepping into the Life You Want

This is not an exhausted list, and Lori Rae is happy to cater her presentation to the needs of your function.