“Lori Rae’s infectious enthusiasm and genuine caring make her a natural coach. This amazing lady excels at asking you the questions you need to consider, in order to explore your own answer to life’s challenges. Her transformation learning process combine with her unwavering support creating an atmosphere which presents the opportunity for personal growth. Increase your understanding of self, while Lori Rae assists you to journey towards newfound confidence, direction and improved relationship satisfaction.” 

— Meagan Hazlewood - Business Coach

“Lori Rae is like a ray of sunshine, embracing the world in her energy and warmth. A natural-born teacher, with an undeniable passion for encouraging others to blossom, Lori Rae makes you feel at ease and supported. Her non-judgemental and attentive approach, coupled with her easy going personality and fun sense of humor, makes it impossible not to leave a session with Lori Rae feeling on top of the world.”

— Camilla Carboni - Success Coach & Best Selling Author