Great Intentions...

I had my labour day all mapped out and busting with great intentions.

  • First… I wanted to jump into my work email and get caught up with over a year and a half’s worth of emails, memos and attempt to get my head out of hospital mode and back into some form of work one.

  • Second…I wanted to finish editing my musing so all I had to do Tuesday morning was post it so I could focus on the grand 1/3 return to work.

  • Finally… I wanted to switch on my super binge knitting mode to get a jump start on a baby blanket for a friends baby that is due in October.

It was a day to stay put, get on top of things, and take advantage of my sunny balcony.  But life did what it normally does when I think I’m organised and on top of things, it treats me like a game of Janga and begins pulling away the pieces of my great intentions one by one. 

So what really HAPPENED…

  • was being totally tech blocked by my employer with a new shiny computer program that decided I have to do extra somersaults to get past the firewall.  So, no work email for me!

  • was my computer randomly shutting down mid-edit pulling some bizarre sort of hissy fit refusing to turn back on.  She was on strike and holding my blog captive.

  • was discovering that I had abandoned my cable hook at my moms the night before. But after keeping me away from working and writing no way was I going to allow life to cripple my Lollapalooza of knitting days. I dug deep into the abyss of my knitting bag and found a re-enforcement, pulling it out with a triumphant ‘a-ha’ and feeling like I at least had one victory under my belt.   

Before getting my knit-on, I sat calmly staring at my lifeless computer and laughed. It never matters how good my intentions are or how anxious I am to accomplish something, life always seems to be reading from a different user manual for me than I am. More importantly, I’m okay with that, because no matter how different something looks than I intended, or no matter how many twists and turns are tossed in my direction, in the end, I always end up exactly where I need to be. 

Lessons come from the most paradoxical of places, whether it is the beginning or ending of a relationship, an opportunity presents itself, or disappears, I lose something, or I discover something, there is always something new to learn if I’m open and willing to see it.

Although I’m not sure yet what the lesson is for me with my tech-catastrophe yesterday (except for the fact that I should be using Google docs instead of my desktop), I do know that a day of rest before jumping back into life was exactly what I needed.