Faint of Heart Saves Bank!

“Seriously, be quiet or they’ll kick you off the ride!”

Wise words from my saje brother who was just trying to keep me from being booted off of a ride that I’ve been waiting five years to experience. But I couldn’t help laughing out loud and saying, “but the warning sign is half about me!”

The warnings about this wild Harry Potter ride in Universal Studios were first displayed on a robust sign before entering the hallways of Gringotts, then again read aloud right before committing to the ride by a goblin hologram for those who defiantly ignored the massive entry sign. This ride was taking extra measures to ensure that whomever dare to dawn a foot onto this wizarding extravaganza knew what they were stepping into.  I was mesmerized; never before had I given ride warnings a second glance, and now it read like my resume:

  • Heart Condition… check

  • Abnormal Blood Pressure… check

  • Dizziness… check

  • Physical conditions… grey area

  • Recent Surgery… check (but what’s recent, really?)

Aug 11 2019 - Day 4 Universal Studios (77).JPG

But wait…I’m not an expectant mother, and fog or strobe effects don’t affect me! 

Seeing that it was practically a tie between what I have and don’t have, I walked into the elaborate fictional bank with confidence and fully prepared to take on whatever Gringott’s had to offer.  I was carrying half of the warnings AND going to break the rules by going on the ride anyway… it was a big day for this follow-the-rules-to-the-letter girl.  But as my brother continued to patiently point out, I wouldn’t be able to do either if I continued to boisterously announce to everyone in the lineup that I wasn’t about to let a heart condition hold this muggle back from saving the wizarding bank from a fire eating dragon! 

What ended up amazing me was how alive I felt by doing something in spite of warnings, in spite of what others were telling me, and in spite of that little voice that likes to cut me off mid-adventure with guilt and Pollyanna proper-ness. It wasn’t like I was breaking a rule that was destructive or harmful, rather, I was allowing myself to take their advice into consideration and then making a decision based on what I knew I was capable of doing.

It’s so easy to use other peoples opinions as an excuse to miss out on unfamiliar opportunities, but the truth is, I’m the only one who really knows what is best for me, and life is fuller and more enjoyable when I choose to be curious and brave over scared and safe.

In the end, not only did I survive the ride and save Gingott’s bank from fiery danger… I went back and did it a second time.