My Dust Kickers

I’m surrounded.  Seriously, surrounded. 


After a night of celebrating being finished with the BIG chair, one of my favorite people said she was reminded about a story she read on Facebook. It’s about female elephants in the wild and how when one is giving birth her female peeps gather around her so she can’t be seen in the middle. The circle of rowdy friends then stomp and kick up dirt to throw off any possible attackers or predators from the scent so she can give birth in peace.  They are a wall of thunderous protective Mama’s and the message is clear, if a threat wants to get at the vulnerable child-bearer they will have to somehow Kool-Aid man through the wall of raging friends first. 

This is how exactly how I’ve felt over the past 19 months; surrounded by people who have been seething on my behalf and fighting for me when I don’t have the energy to do so myself. But unlike the elephants, I don’t have a single posse to kick up the dust, I have multiple herds to protect me. Whether it’s my biological family, my chick crew, my dance family, my chosen family, each one of them have been protecting and supporting me in their own special way. 

June 22 2019 Surprise Celebration! (33).JPG

My herds banned together to make that protective circle around me, daring cancer to attempt to break through their fierce protection. And cancer took that dare by becoming aggressive, spreading, and attacking my heart, but in the end, it didn’t stand a chance against the crazy protective tantrum of my dust kickers. These people love me for who I am (crazy shoe fetish and all), support my wacky antics and there was no way they were going to let cancer get the best of me. They’ve kept me safe so I can concentrate on my treatments, protecting me from ignorance, sheltering me from emotions that have no part being on this journey, and always ready and excited to jump in when needed.

I am blessed.

June 11 2019 (16).JPG

I can never say enough about the wonderful people that surround me.  These wild wonderful folks have my back, proving over and over again that there is power in community.

Keeping with the ‘shoe’ theme of this journey, I’ve been saying that the people in my life have been my shoehorn throughout; there to support me when I need it, guide me through the crazy, and force me into places I don’t think I fit!  

I am over flowing with gratitude for every hug, message, call, cup of tea, dinner, flower, thoughtful gift, and specifically for each and everyone of my dust kickers.  

June 22 2019 Surprise Celebration! (50).JPG