Dr. Delicious Part 11

This time when I arrived to see my cardiologist I was prepared: legs shaved, nose plucked and because my radiation burns are gone, I was actually able to wear a bra!  Yup, I was all set to be charming, dazzle him with my brilliance and happily offer up my legs to be felt for swelling.  

As I sat there waiting for the cardiologist to arrive and being oh so proud of actually remembering to self groom before the appointment, my phone lit up with a message from my bestie at work. It was a message like no other, and it made my heart swell larger than the Grinch’s did when he discovered the true meaning of Christmas.

The wee video starts by showing three of my favorite peeps I work with, then pans out to include the rest of the staff all telling me they miss me. There was so much joy and care coming off the screen that I could barely soak in a tenth of it. I felt like I had an army behind me as I waited eagerly to hear how my heart was dealing with my treatment. Gratitude filled me, and my eyes couldn’t contain my tears. To me, this powerful video was a sign that today’s appointment was going to be a good one.

The door finally opened, and found I myself looking into the clear blue eyes of a different cardiologist, who although I enjoy working with, wouldn’t give me the opportunity to redeem myself after the last hairy debacle with Dr. Delicious.

But delicious or not, the nurse almost had to restrain me from leaping off my chair and French kissing this Doctor… why?  Because it was the first heart appointment during this entire journey that good news was involved.   Each appointment has been about how much my ejection fraction is dropping and hearing about the newest sparkling pill that would to be added to my growing collection.   But this day… my heart went from working at 44% up to working between 45-50%!

And yes, I am still in early stages of heart failure, and yes it is only a couple of percent better, but… the numbers are finally going in the right direction, and every percent in the right direction is worth celebrating! If there is one thing I have learned during this wacky ride is that there is no such thing as a small victory and each one is worth cheering for.

I started to laugh, which confused Dr. Blue eyes, but I’m just so used to bracing myself to handle bad news that I almost didn’t know what to do when it is good!

So I did what I do best, I made a joke…

“Well Doctor, I don’t let boys break my heart, I sure wasn’t going to let cancer do it!”

I left the office with my heart in one piece and my army cheering me on.