My First Anniversary

It has officially been one year since this journey girl started writing about her ridiculous experiences and often obvious realizations, in an attempt to have fun with life's messy bits.

Reflecting back, choosing to be vulnerable and sharing emotions that even I think are bizarre and nonsensical, keep me from giving power to the ones that would rather have me hide and feel embarrassed.  I believe that electing to laugh with myself instead of judge how I feel is always the best course of action.  There is a unique joy to be had in finding humour in the most ludicrous of situations.

As it turns out, every lesson that is catapulted my way has had the same question attached to it, 

Do you want to learn from this lesson or leave it?

Although choosing to learn from an experience takes effort, energy and a a modicum of vulnerability, I’ve learned that ignoring lessons have a much more dramatic outcome.  Each time I attempt to chassé past a lesson, it tends to match my stubborn nature and repeat itself with more gusto until it finally borrows an anvil from Wile E. Coyote.  So the moral of the story for me is... stop the fancy dance steps, breathe, and face that lesson head on!

The one thing that has stuck me, is that fact that just when I think I have understood a lesson or finally acknowledged that two by four I was given to the head, I need to relearn it again on an entire different level.  Just when I think I have learned to let go of the little things, I have to learn to let go of the little things! Or just when I think I have learned to release control, I have to learn how to release control. 

There's no such thing as learning and leaving,
it's all about
learning, relearning, and oh maybe I need to learn that.

It’s just like Shrek once wisely said, “onions have layers, ogres have layers, you get it?” And although I'm less green than an ogre and prefer to think of myself as a layered cake like Donkey suggests, the same applies to me.  I am layered; and each layer I work through involves relearning lessons, being introduced to new ones, and becoming a better version of myself.

My mission, if I choose to accept it, is to keep learning, keep sharing and to just be happy through it all.

Thank you for being on this wild and unpredictable ride with me.