Squirrel Hunting

It all started with the need to wrap a birthday gift for my yummy little nephew. All I had to do was go into my handy dandy utility closet to get some wrapping paper; but what happened, was a bizarre expedition of great proportions. Because…

  • When I open the utility closet, all I could see was everything in complete disarray. So, I jumped into hyper organizer mode, ripped everything out of the closet and put it all back in a way that made much better sense.

  • Which led to… finding the perfect size box to pack away the crystals that used to hang from my bathroom vanity light that no longer works.

  • So… I go to my laundry room where I have the crystals to pack them in this perfect box.

  • Which leads to… going back to the original, now newly organized, closet to get some bubble wrap.

  • Which takes me to… a drawer to get scissors to cut the bubble wrap, only to find that I am missing some events on my calendar that is looking up at me from the counter.

  • Which takes me to… my calendar with a pen from the drawer and that somehow reminds me that I need to order more medication before I run out.

  • Which has me… making a call to the pharmacy all the while packing the crystals in the bubble wrap and then in that perfect box.

  • Then… going back to the laundry room to store the box of crystals only to find it also needs some organizing love.

  • Then while delving into yet another re-organization extravaganza… I find hooks and tassels from my old curtains that I’m not sure I’m going to use one day but want to hold onto, so I go back to that original utility closet to store them in the appropriate spot.

  • Which has me… seeing wrapping paper, and then takes me back to wrapping the gift that started this entire adventure.

And somewhere in there I also managed to frame and hang a picture in my bathroom, re-arrange other art throughout my home, tossed in a load of laundry, starting a new box for Value Village items, and moving cupcakes from the fridge to my front door so I didn’t forget them on the way out of my house that night.


I call this my Squirrel effect; where I become distracted easily from any task, action or train of thought to random infinite other ones. I’ve become just like that lovable dog, Dug from UP, who stops mid-sentence distracted, calls out “squirrel”, then forgets what he was originally doing.

“My master made me this collar; he is a good and smart master and he made me this collar so that I may talk…”

“My master made me this collar; he is a good and smart master and he made me this collar so that I may talk…”



I consider myself lucky with this particular squirrel sequence because I actually ended up at the job I originally wanted to do. Too often I stop mid-squirrel expedition and wonder how I got there, why I’m now holding a hammer and clueless to what my original mission was.

It could be the fact that I am now in my mid-40’s, it could be the result of the multiple medications I’m taking, or I could simply be the butt of a cosmic joke; but, no matter the cause, the truth is, the squirrel effect is a real and strong force in my life. And it’s hard to tell if it is allowing me to get more done, or keeping me from accomplishing as much as I could! All I really know, is that life become easier when I stopped fighting the magnetic pull of the squirrel that continues to take me in different directions.

And although not all of my squirrel adventures are successful ones, I’m amazed at what I’ve learned from the wacky nonsensical domino effect:

  •  life takes me on twists and turns, but ultimately I end up exactly where I need to be.

  • trust the journey & go with the flow.

  • really… it’s all good.

  • going directly from point A to point B is over rated, I learn so much more about me and this wonderful life during my side steps.

  • gratitude makes every ride a smoother one… that, and a good sense of humour!

So, though I will never understand my squirrel journeys, I continue to embrace them; after all, an adventure is an adventure no matter how small!