Burning Barns to See the Moon

After a yoga class, I fell into a conversation with a woman who was brilliantly sporting a ‘flock of seagulls meets pixie wonderland’ haircut that I’m positive would make me look like someone trying to recapture the glory days of the 80’s. We were getting along famously when mid-sentence she erupted with excitement explaining how she feels an instant bond with women who have short gutsy hair.  As I tried to explain to her that she’s really the brave one and that my hair was thrust upon me, she launched into the joys of showering whenever, loving driving with her windows down and the marvels of not having to do hair math at the beginning of the week… which I have to admit, is also my favorite thing about my hair!

After this wee chat, I realized that this is almost a daily occurrence now, being stopped by a fellow short haired woman wanting to wax poetic about the glories and freedoms of having short locks. Sometimes it’s as simple as being given a knowing smile accompanied by bright eyes appearing like they are giving me the thumbs up or a discreet undercover lean in followed by, “it’s great, isn’t it?”  No matter how it happens, there is a connection made that only those of us with a short Audrey Hepburn cut can appreciate. It’s like I belong to a secret society where there’s no mysterious hand shake, just courageous quaffs. 

What I find interesting is, now that my hair is looking less cancer inspired and more like an intentional finger waved 1920’s marcel shaped cut, I feel more like ‘me’ than I ever did before. Losing my hair was an adventure onto itself, and for me was like a proverbial burning barn…

Does it bring you JOY_.jpg

The moon for me is still covered with a bit of fog and partially hiding behind a cloud, but I’m definitely beginning to see it more clearly and appreciate that there’s a lot for me to learn beyond the confusion of what has been going on.

Although sometimes it feels like I’m spending more time dealing with burning barns and less moments enjoying the view of the moon, I am aware that it is hard to see clearly when in the middle of the mess. So while I’m waiting for the dust to settle, I will appreciate the light that does comes through and enjoy the anticipation of the lessons and new perspectives waiting for me on the other side.