My Circus, My Monkeys

“I beg your pardon?”

This was my response to the clipboard wielding insurance bloke who nonchalantly told me that I would need to replace the flooring throughout my entire home and not just the living room where water damage had reared its ugly head. Turns out, my air conditioner has been on a secret mission to leak out as much water underneath my floor as possible before finally causing the wood to buckle and become a noticeable issue. Since my beloved floor has been discontinued for quite some time and covers 90% of my home, I will need to pack up my worldly possessions like I’m skipping out of town and have all of my flooring replaced.

I was gobsmacked.  


He attempted to Pollyanna me by saying this was an opportunity to have fun and do something different, to which I frantically replied… BUT I LOVE MY FLOOR!  It was an upgrade, has a unique piano finish and it magnificently matches everything I own.  I’ve been in love with it from the moment my feet took their first step onto its glorious surface and I have no desire to replace it with anything else. This sucks.

Needless to say the insurance guy hot-tailed it out of my home as fast as he could to sidestep this irrational redhead. But from the moment he left, it has been one little disaster after another; the list of lunacy includes, but is not limited to:

  • my DVR deciding to stop working… and after waiting over a week for a non-Jim Carry cable guy to visit, I was told the wires were put back in the wrong spots… so the cable box is fine, however, my pride took a hit.

  • my cell phone’s constantly flirting with me by playing the ‘I’m about to die on you at any moment’ game.

  • my dishwasher gave me a bizarre flashing error… but after her and I had a serious girl-to-girl chat, she quickly corrected her issue and is back to being on her best behaviour.

  • I needed to make an urgent run to my osteopath to put in a few ribs that went out of place after excessive coughing caused by my heart medication… how I drove a stick shift to get there is a total mystery!

This run of insanity has me understanding what Oprah meant when she said that some mornings she wakes up and says, “thanks, but I don’t need a lesson today God”.

What I’m grateful for is that with each unexpected issue I get to see how far I have come with how I react to life’s unpredictable surprises. I breathe better now when life drops a metaphoric anvil on my head because I know that,

everything is FIGURE-OUT-ABLE.

I might be less than happy with a circumstance, or feel a little loco over getting sidetracked by an unexpected absurdity, but truth is, this is my circus and these are my monkeys… and it will all work out.

My life isn’t about trying to make everything perfect and run smoothly, it includes surprises, out of the blue startles, and the odd ambush, but no matter how much I am taken off guard, I get to choose to embrace the crazy. I have discovered that,

the more I roll with it, the happier I am.

So I’m going to keep on rolling … even if that involves replacing my floors!