I Do!

This past week I binged watched one of my favorite cheesy Hallmark shows, The Good Witch. For me, this show has it all: the main character is a modern day witch who lives to help those around her, the dialogue is always polite, it has wonderfully, often predictable happy endings, AND it is filmed in my home town!  Bring on those heart warming moments Hallmark!  What isn't there to love?!

One particularly warm and fuzzy moment happens during a wedding being officiated by the towns ever boisterous, kooky mayor.  She reads a poem that, of course, the good witch herself provides:

They are about to say 'I do', three little letters, two little words. 
Its the simplest part of the day; but there is nothing simple about the things
that will remain unsaid.
'I do' means I do know I could be hurt, but I am ready to be healed with you.
It means I do want to try, even when the fear of failure holds me back.
And I do not know the future, but I am ready to be surprised along the way.
'I do' means I do want your love & I do give you mine.
And nothing we do will ever be the same, because we will be doing it all together.   

Seriously, these lines just warm the cockles of my heart and I can't read them without tilting my head to one side and saying, 'ahh'.  I am a big old sappy romantic and I just soak it in! 

Of course, I am not getting married any time soon (not that my brother hasn't attempted to find me someone... a whole other story for an entirely different musing day!) so I tried to look at it from my every curious, out spoken, single girl eyes.  The question was simple.. what are my I do's?

It is so easy to get caught up focusing on what we don't want that we don't always take the time to really look at what we DO want.  And it doesn't have to be as grand as a life purpose or how we are going to save the world; rather, what do I want right here, right now, where I am?  

And for me, I DO..

  • want to follow my curiosity no matter where it decides to take me.
  • want to live in the present moment without getting carried away worrying about what comes next.
  • want to keep myself open to new directions, new possibilities, and not always take the obvious next steps. 
  • want people in my life to know how much I appreciate them.
  • want to take on the worlds challenges with grace and a sense of humour.
  • want to screw up once in awhile because those are always my best lessons.
  • want to be grateful for my unique opportunities and experiences.
  • want to laugh at my own crazy!
  • know that I never need to do anything or go through anything alone.

They are only two words, but the power is what comes after them.  And I always want those words to be filled with hope, gratitude and fuel me on this wonderful JOY ride.


Good Witch Filming Location:
The main house of the show, Gray House in Dundas.
...yes I had to climb up a little hill & I am hiding in the bushes!!


Good Witch Filming Location:
Stephanie's Bistro on Locke Street!