Car "Cents"

Grandparents are fascinating & wonderful on so many levels; whether they are laughing with us, cheering us on, or asking us to pull their finger, they can keep us on our toes!  I'm sorry I don't have many memories of my Mother's father, but grateful for any story she passes along.  One of my favorites is of my Grandfather while he was the manager of a Canadian Tire.  The employees he managed were often teenagers trying to make a little extra money while trying to figure out what they wanted to be when they grew up.  They had a daily tradition of buying a 15 cent bottle (yes, bottle!) of pop during their break and taking it outside to a private employee area where they could let loose before having to go back in and help people get things off the top shelf.  When it was time to straighten the tie and get back to work the bottles were tossed to the ground and left behind.

These whipper-snappers baffled my Grandfather.  Not only was he disappointed in their inability to keep this area clean, but each bottle they just left on the ground was actually worth 2 cents if returned to the store. He didn't understand why they so easily tossed away their investment when it still had value.  So, he decided since these bottles were just lying around, & clearly unwanted, he would be the one to collect them & return them for their 2 cent prize.  

What did his dedication to keeping the area clean & the value he had for a penny get him? From collecting those bottles he saved $25 which was exactly what he needed to buy the antique car he had his eye on.  So in the end, he bought his dream car with free money!

This story made me start wondering...

  • What do I toss away or ignore that has value?
  • What do I so quickly dispose of that could benefit me?
  • Where am I cutting corners?
  • How do I devalue myself by not taking pride in what I invest in?
  • What am I taking for granted?
  • WHO am I taking for granted?
  • Do I make sure the people in my life know how valuable they are to me?
  • Do my actions reflect what is important to me?


Then comes the big question... how do I see my OWN worth?

  • Do I let others take advantage of me?
  • Do I belittle my talents?
  • Do I make sure to take time for myself when I need to rejuvenate?
  • Do I say 'yes' & 'no' when I need to?
  • Do I judge my own worth through my eyes or the observations & judgments of others?


It is so easy to see the value in others & admire what they are bringing to this world, but why is it such a challenge to see what we have to offer has value as well?  Why do I so easily think less of myself and so much of others? 

Although taking the time to truly see my own worth won't buy me my dream car, it will contribute to my happiness & help keep the judgmental voices in my head at bay .  Plus, when we see the value in our talents & abilities, we see that we have so much more to share with those around us.

So the lesson?  Seeing our true value can only lead us closer to our dreams.