The Little Banana Tree that Could

This summer I decided to make my balcony tropical by adding a banana tree to my geranium craziness.  I wanted to feel like I was away on vacation when I sat outside with my granny tea, crosswords & yes, to make me even more of a grandma, my knitting! 

I have enjoyed this neat banana tree all summer, but after a wicked couple of days of mondo gusty winds, the tree needed to be amputated.   After a moment of silence with my hand over my heart,  I carefully took the stock down as far as I could go with the weak cutters I was using.  The rest of the plants in the pot were salvageable, so I left the stump there to wither away while the others frolicked in this prolonged summer waiting for Jack Frost to finally change the seasons. 

After a couple of days I was shocked to see that the little banana tree had, against all odds, started to re-grow!  Out of its stump appeared a fresh new leaf ready to show the world that a wind storm and my clippers were no match for its ability to survive and adapt to new challenges.  An entirely new plant was emerging from the left over stump & frankly it continued to grow like nothing had ever happened!


It then hit me... it is a sad day when my life is shown up by a banana tree!  

This wee tree:

  • decided to simply adapt, change and work with its new form.
  • didn’t hesitate to keep moving forward focusing on the present while leaving the past in the past.
  • didn’t take time to feel sorry for itself or contemplate whether it was worth the effort to continue growing; IT JUST DID.
  • was surrounded by friends who supported his regrowth (yeah,  a bit stretch, but you can't argue the fact that it is sharing a pot!)
  • produced fresh green leafs that are stronger and healthier than the ones it grew before.

This banana plant CHOSE to thrive.  End of story.

Seriously, the metaphor is painfully obvious, but for me, it is usually the obvious metaphors that can be the most powerful.  I mean seriously… each time I look at the tree I feel like it is showing me up!  Challenging me to,

  • blaze forward with gusto & determination.  
  • stop letting whispers from my past dictate my decisions & actions today.
  • use those around me as inspiration.
  • learn from my experiences to become better, stronger & happier.
  • grown in directions I have never considered before. 
  • simply move forward without anyone, anything or any of my fears getting in the way.

One of my favorite images to use when I feel like I need to remind myself to stay strong, is that of a palm tree.  Palm trees have deep roots & flexible trunks making it near impossible to break them.  Whenever I am up against a force that wants to break me, wear me down or toss me off track, I just breathe and repeat to myself over & over, "I am a palm tree".  

After this little experience on my balcony, I may now have to start saying "I am a banana tree"!


The Banana Tree That Could two weeks after a redhead took her clippers to it!