Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!

Early on Sunday morning while in Collingwood, I took my Starbucks English Breakfast tea with the second bag on the side (seriously TWO bags in a medium cup?!) and drove up one of the little peninsulas to enjoy the perfect view of the town, the Blue Mountains, and Georgian Bay.  Normally I have the spot to myself, but this time I was joined by another car with two men sitting in it appearing to be leisurely enjoying the view & each others company. But then I saw it, the real reason why they were there; they were fishing.  Yes, from inside the car.  

A number of feet ahead of our cars was a funny contraption with two fishing poles sticking up from it (yup, below is the official picture, I have NO shame when it comes to getting picture proof!).


They sat in their cars just waiting for their rods to bend as a sign to get out and collect a potential prize.  I have to admit, I found it hilarious!  I am by no means someone who would go fishing, but I assume holding the rod and sitting out in nature is part of the experience!

These guys were willing to bring the equipment, but they really weren't interested in doing the real work needed to make their adventure successful.  At least Ernie from Sesame Street is actively involved in getting fish into his boat with his, "here fishy, fishy, fishy" method. But we really can't compare anyone to Erine, he is a get in & get things done kind of puppet.  

As I was amusing myself by observing these two 'wait-for-it-to-come-to-me' fishermen, I was hit with a couple of questions myself;

  • How often am I willing to invest in something, but don't want to do the work?  
  • How often do I expect results to just happen for me because, well, don't you know who I am?
  • How often do I try to side step the joyous messy middle of a new adventure?

It is so easy to say, "if it was meant to be it would come to me" and use that as an excuse not to jump in and get messy.  But lets be honest, the messiness of change and chasing our dreams is where the real adventure and success is. Not to mention, the fun.  The going after it and doing it is where all of the magic truly happens.

There are so many parts to success we need to consider;

  • Showing up!
  • Investing our money or time when when need to.
  • Believing we DESERVE what we are desiring.
  • Putting in the effort to make it happen.
  • Asking for help and guidance as we need it.
  • Allowing ourselves to be excited about where we are going.
  • Being open to the outcome being different (yet often better) then we ever imagined it to be!

Our attitude counts when it comes to making something happen. We need to believe down to our toes that we deserve all we dream about, to be excited about achieving it and not put limitations on where the adventure will take us.  And frankly, we need to get out of the car and hold our own fishing pole!  

Let us all... Show up, Believe,  Get Messy & Call it in... here fishy fishy fishy!