The Musings of a Journey Girl

Welcome to the beginning of my exciting adventures in ‘blogging’!  It is a space for my crazy stories, slightly wild realizations and a way to hopefully help YOU avoid pitfalls by experiencing my own!  This is where I will write all of my musings as a Journey Girl (conveniently the title of my blog!)...but, what IS a Journey Girl?!

I am glad you asked!

 I am what I call a quintessential Journey Girl.  And funny enough, it was a journey to realize that this is indeed is what I am!  I spent most of my life envying people who had a ‘calling’ or ‘special talent’ that they focused on, were inspired by and was their grand purpose in life!  After all, this is what we are told is supposed to have, right?  We are 'supposed' to focus on finding our GRAND PURPOSE, our reason for being on this earth and in return we will feel fulfilled, accomplished, happy and worthwhile.  THIS is where our self-esteem will spring from, THIS is where our joy will come from, THIS is where we know we are using our talents to their fullest and giving back to the world! 

Yeah… I spent 40 years of my life searching, trying, experimenting and taking classes (oh, the endless classes!) in an attempt to find that one specific reason for being here that was mine; that purpose I knew HAD to be buried deep inside me somewhere!  All I had to do was find it, unlock the safety box it was hiding in & unleash it out into the world in order to feel true joy! Right?  But then why was it taking so long to find?  Why did others seem to find theirs so much easier than me?  WHAT was I doing wrong? WHAT is wrong with me?!

The 40 years of searching only left me with crazy frustration, feeling like I was unworthy, choosing to settle (because it was looking a lot easier to do than than all this searching) & being jealous of those strutting around with their fancy 'purposes'!  At the moment, when I was truly ready to give up the Everest feeling search for my 'reason for being', my brilliant (and ever so patient) therapist looked at me and said words that would change my entire perspective; “Lori, you are not a destination person, you are a journey one”.  Massive truth bomb dropped.

During the brief moments that followed, I was inundated with flashes of all my adventures, seeing clearly the fight with my ‘now what’ mentality & the rack of crazy life stories I had piling up that my students at school are always amused by.  Holy moly, these were actually all good things?!  Could it be?

Like any good realization, it is inevitably followed by more wack-ado questions;

  • Why did I assume I only had ‘one’ purpose in life? 
  • How was loving the planning, anticipating and taking action on journeys not purposeful?
  • Why did I place all of my self-worth on finding just one time little thing to focus on when I was actually living a much bigger life by following my curiosity?
  • How much joy did I miss out on during my adventures because I was putting pressure on them to be my ONE & ONLY MASSIVE LIFE PURPOSE?

What amazed me more was to discover that I am not alone in being a journey person or thinking I am ‘lost’ instead of being someone who is just embracing what makes them come alive. 

So, if you are someone like me who has beaten themselves up because they aren’t great at one thing, or feel like they have settled for what they have because they are tired of trying to find where they belong, then I happily give you permission to stop comparing yourselves to others, to embracing your many journeys and to allow yourself to own the fact that you are indeed a journey person.