About the Girl who Finally Let the Other Shoe Drop...


My name is Lori Rae & MY LIFE began to change at 2:00 am...

on a very frosty & wintry day when I found myself squatting over a Dixie cup in my mom's basement laundry room desperate to relieve my bladder that was on the verge of bursting. To be clear, the first choice was not the Dixie cup. I would’ve much rather been sitting on the porcelain throne in the upstairs bathroom, but alas, my parents were more concerned about renovating the kitchen than being worried that the construction blocked me from using the facilities they were offering me free of charge.  So, as I stood there balancing in a half-crouched position, impressed by my own aim, I was struck with a terrifying thought...

 is this truly it?

Sounds like a good time to have a grand life changing a-ha moment, but it was only a brief blip that shed light onto the addiction I had to announcing at any given opportunity that I was stuck in life. Up until that point, I’d blamed my boss for not promoting me, and worked over time to earn appreciation and approval from those around me, accusing them all for being the reason I felt unhappily stuck on the hamster wheel I was calling life. That Dixie cup moment had me waving a white flag, admitting that the victim card was not working for me, and that it was time to change things up. But…

I Didn’t know how to change my life, so cancer decided to do it for me.

I realize it sounds a wee bit eye-rolling cliche, but honestly, after getting naked for countless hospital employees, sporting less hair on my body than a hairless cat, and telling a funeral director that no, I was not his three o’clock appointment thank you very much, how could life not be flip turned upside down?

Cancer pulled my head out of the past, where I couldn’t change a thing, away from the future that I couldn’t do anything about, and into the present where the joy has always been. I traded in beating myself up for kindness and decided that Queen Elsa had it right all along, I do just need to let it go.

The lessons from my year and a half in the chemo chair continue to present themselves, and all I can say is, bring them on!



I’m a writer and inspirational speaker who enjoys sharing my life lessons, forehead slapping a-ha moments and quirky perspectives on life.

As an educator, I’ve counselled and cheered on teenagers for 20 years focusing on developing skills to combat depression, move through anxiety with confidence and go after the life they want with bravery and a sense of humour.

Cancer has taught me that life really is like eating an elephant, we need to tackle it one bite at a time, and that loving myself through the crazy is more powerful than any amount of anger I could muster.

I believe in choosing joy no matter the situation, following my curiosities, and when in doubt, I take Cinderella’s advice, “have courage and be kind”.

I want to help you let go of what isn’t serving you and to move forward with guts and guile.