My name is Lori Rae...

and I’m passionate about helping women give themselves permission to let go of what is holding them back and into a life they love.

I believe no woman should ever feel stuck, believing they have no other choice than to settle for the life they have.

I have made it my mission to encourage and EMPOWER women to transform their wishful thinking into attainable dreams. 


LET me ask you, Does this sound familiar...

  • You APPEAR to have your life together, great job and a lifestyle people envy.

  • You are the one who helps everyone around you yet you aren't sure how to help yourself.

  • You put your all into everything you do and are exhausted from over-giving.

  • You feel like you are settling for the life you have.

I've been there! 


My life began when I finally accepted that I was enough.

I finally let that other shoe drop that I was holding onto so tight.  This meant I was no longer holding onto what was holding me back, no longer waiting for something to happen for me and I decided to take action for myself.  

How did I do this?

  • I was honest with what I was holding onto that I needed to let got of... and I let it go!

  • I asked for help when I needed it

  • I got out of my own way

  • I truly accepted that I AM ENOUGH!

You are here because you felt like I did - lost on a hamster wheel of ordinary, feeling stuck on that wheel and needing MORE!  You have new experiences you want to try, places you would like to go and you are deciding to get a move on!

Here are the four earth-shattering words that changed me... You are not stuck!


Nobody should feel stuck because stuck is an illusion that makes us think we are unable to make decisions or take action.  The truth is, even inaction is a decision, my dear!  Have you chosen to feel content, settled for what you have and convinced yourself that your dreams are just wishful thinking?  

It is time to claim you ARE enough, you HAVE enough, and frankly,



"If we do not change direction, we are liable to end up where we are headed."

                                                                           - John Whitmore